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8-10 Kg seasonal fruit basket with minimum six kinds of luscious and fresh fruits including apples, oranges, bananas, guavas, melons, apricots, papayas, peaches, and mangoes (in season),A beautifully arranged in a wooden basket. Send this healthy gift to your loved ones in Pakistan.

Product Description

Special Seasonal 10 kg Fruit Basket:
This fruitful basket consists of seasonal fruits. Fruits range from bananas to apples. Peaches to oranges, melons to apricot and a lot more. This item is delivered in a box/basket consisting of approximately 8-10 kg fruits. We use high quality products from various vendors in different cities.


This item also includes a free beautiful and very expressive Greeting Card.


-Product can be slightly different from the picture.
-Delivery possible to all over Pakistan, within 24 hours for the main cities & 48 hours for other cities of Pakistan.
-The displayed picture is representative


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